1.0.5 brings important changes and fixes for jessie (_and_ wheezy)

With the upcoming jessie freeze, time was due to re-check if everything is still fine for jessie/sid.

Well, it wasn't. Esoteric bugs came up, some even making it rc buggy:

  • python-debian introduced a bug that made no signed uploads enter mini-buildd.
  • I found another code part used that was deprecated with django 1.7; this, too, made user-signed uploads not enter mini-buildd. This could even have affected wheezy/stable 1.0.4 installations in case you upgraded to the new django 1.7 from Debian Backports.
  • sbuild removed a long standing bug. Great! However, my workaround for that bug broke with the bug fixed, and building was broken.

However, all is fine now with 1.0.5.

For a wheezy+bpo+hellfield installation, prepare for some unusual (omg dpkg-dev!) needed port updates from hellfield (and some aptitude gymnastics). Maybe time is soon to actually switch to jessie.

Also, read the package's Debian NEWS when you update; some more oddities (like with the new eatmydata) have come up, and you will need to perform some 'manual actions'.

And yes, for the search engines: It does not work with systemd (i.e., sbuild/schroot does not), at least not for all distributions, but a workaround script is now provided.

Hth - S