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  1. Housekeeping after the Debian jessie release

    The Debian jessie release implicitly inflicts some mandatary (new apt keys!) as well as some recommended (jessie! stretch! backports-sloppy!) housekeeping on an existing mini-buildd installation.

    So this is what I would recommend you to do:

    0. Preliminary

    Given how the configuration currently works (i.e., affecting dependencies when you change ...

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  2. Raw Development TODO Feb 2015

    mini-buildd Development TODO

    (0) MOTM: Feb 2015

    Some notes/news about the release planning concerning official Debian:

    We are still in jessie freeze; for mini-buildd release planning, this means (basically purely due to practical considerations) the "1.2 dev kick off" will be delayed at least until jessie is actually ...

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  3. Raw Development TODO Nov 2014

    mini-buildd Development TODO

    (1) 1.0.x stable

    Subject for patching up stable 1.0.x.

    No known issues atm (Nov 14 2014).

    Fixes for the minor issues ("buglets" below) eventually may or may not be subjects for backports (depending of how invasive the patch is).

    (2) 1.1.x ...

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  4. (Hellfield Archive) xfce "4.11" ports for wheezy

    xfce "4.11" (i.e., the current versions from Debian unstable+experimental) are now available in wheezy-ab-testing:

    • All non-updated packages needed a rebuild to pick up the upgraded libraries.
    • Some few packages FTBFS, and are not available, but you still get a workable set (not all deps from *-goodies can ...
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  5. 1.0.0 released

    1.0.0 released

    Finally, the first official stable 1.0.0 is released, after about three month of RC testing. Stable maintenance continues in the 1.0.x branch (and Debian unstable of course).

    Upgrading From Hellfield Snapshots

    Lots of thoughts went into how to do correct Debian-Versions, and ...

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  6. Website relaunched

    Website relaunched using hyde static website builder.

    This hopefully looks at least nicer than before; it now features a new index page with Automated Daily Status Updates (-- and Screenshots!) and an extra page for the Hellfield Archive, with a nice Source Selector thingy.

    Thanks to hyde's default template, it ...

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